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Friday, December 15, 2006

The next religion

"The Secret" video is available on youtube. The video appeals to emotion, as opposed to evidence - just like religion. Despite the fact that Youtube has a majority of atheists, "The Secret" video has over 500 comments and is rated 4 out of 5 stars. I will admit, when I watched the video I felt strong positive emotions. But then I realised it was just the beta-endorphins from the great soundtrack. However I can understand why we all want to believe in something greater than ourselves.

Just go to youtube and search for other parts of "The Secret" movie.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Ciriticism of Abaraham-Hicks

Abraham Hicks are one of the most famous preachers of the law of attraction. I stumbled over some criticism of their teachings in the Cult Education Forum:
My husband and I recently became friendly with another married couple. We have just moved to a new area and don't know many people here. This couple seemed nice enough at first, but recently they have started pushing this movie, "The Secret" on us. I watched this movie and it's the usual, "You CAN think yourself rich, happy, successful" garbage. That's fair enough, but what worries me is that this couple are now talking like they have joined some sort of cult. Here are a few examples:
An acquaintance of ours recently lost his wife and only daughter in a car crash. they say, he must have thought about it and so it happened. He attracted the experience into his life subconsciously with negative thoughts.
My sister lost her daughter to cot death recently. they say, although terrible, this is natural and we "attract" tragedy into our lives with negative thought processes. Its the Law of Attraction. "It's not a comfortable concept" they say, "but it says so in the video."
They say people who are raped in "this life" were probably rapists in "another life".
They say victims of abuse and domestic violence "attrat" negative experiences and patterns of behaviour into thier lives. It's the Law of attraction. "It say so in the video".
So shocked, appalled and offended by these sentiments and attitudes am I that I have tried to distance myself somewhat from this couple. I have had three miscarriages. The last one was in January and left me feeling emotional and mildly depressed. They have approached me to say I should watch the video again and introduce some positive thinking into my life. The lunacy is unbelievable. These videos should come with a public health warning!! These in this video people are just salesmen trying to sell an impossible dream and make money out of it and some people are thinking they have come across the meaning of life after they have watched it.
This couple ar nice people but when they start up about "The Secret" it's just crazy talk! I find myself wanting to end the friendship on this basis alone.

Strangely I found nothing about traditional Christianity in the Cult Education forums. Only the newer religious sects were discussed. I guess if a cult becomes very large it is no longer seen as a cult. One person created a thread about it but it was locked by the administrator. I suspect bias on the part of the administrator. Like the believers in LOA, the people who were raised in a certain denomination always see their denomination differently to outsiders.